Clearing, Chipping, & Grading


The pipeline right of way is cleared of vegetation by the clearing and grading crew. This crew is responsible for removing trees, boulders and debris from the construction right-of-way and preparing a level working surface for the heavy construction equipment that follows.



Cat 336 Trackhoe

Cat D8 Dozer

Cat 14M Motor Grader

Tigercat M726E Mulcher

Stringing & Setup


Individual joints of pipe are strung along the right-of-way and arranged so they are accessible to construction personnel.



Cat 374F

Cat 349

Cat 587



A mechanical pipe bending machine bends individual joints of pipe to account for changes in the pipeline route and to conform to the topography.



42” Superior

48” Superior

Cat 587



Steady and consistent trenching is the key to staying on schedule. For this reason, Pumpco has invested in 27 of the most technologically advanced trenchers available. Three Trencor 1760 Trenchers are capable of cutting 6 ft wide, 20 ft deep, and weigh 315,000 lbs. each. This level of commitment to the fundamentals of pipeline construction keep projects moving forward.



Trencor 1760

Trencor 1660

Trencor 1460

Trench-Tech 2600

Trench-Tech 2500

Tesmec 1375

Mainline Welding


Once the stringing and bending are complete, the pipe sections are aligned, welded together, placed on temporary supports, and x-rayed. A coating crew then powder coats the pipe along the welded joints, inspects the coating, and lowers the pipe into the trench.



Cat 72H Vanguard

Automatic Welding Shacks

Cat 583



The ditch will be excavated in harmony with the lowering in crew using a series of sidebooms, which allow the operators to simultaneously lift and carefully lower the welded pipe sections into the trench. With the pipeline successfully laid in the trench, crews begin backfilling the trench.



Cat PL87

Cat 352

48” Roller Cradles



The pipeline industry has shifted to an increased number of horizontal directional drills per project. To meet this demand, Pumpco has invested in a fleet of 22 horizontal directional drill rigs. A successful drill incorporates a variety of support equipment from cleaning units, water tanks, mud pumps, vacuum trucks, generators, drill strings, and many others. The Pumpco team leverages this equipment to make certain each project is on schedule and completed in a timely manner.



1.3 Million lb. Rig

1 Million lb. Rig

Cleaning Units

Mud Pumps



The Tie-in Crews will make the welds required to connect all of the previously installed sections of pipe together into one continuous pipeline. Tie-in Crews will begin to tie-in immediately after the pipe is lowered in.



Cat PL87 sidebooms

Cat 374 F excavator

Cat 353 F Excavators

Mooroka Weding Buggy

Mooroka Compressor Buggy

Dozer - D8



In rocky conditions, Padding Machines are required to cover newly laid pipe, operating along the trench to ensure the pipe’s coating is protected before backfill. Pumpco owns 6 of these late model Superior and EZ Padding padding machines and 24 shaker buckets with crushers.



SPD 450

SPD 350

Shaker Bucket

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